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Emperor’s Domination Chapter 26: Kojima Haruko *

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, Haruko lifts up the cloth covering the wall. And like I first thought, there’s a door behind connecting this room to the next one. The question is why and what. Why is there a door here and what is on the other side of that door? , “Surprised? Ah, you already guessed. Tsk.” , Haruko grumbles when she sees my unchanging expression. , “Well, it’s not that surprising if you tried that hard to keep it as a mystery. But what’s in there?” , “My presents to you.” , Haruko smiles smugly. , Like I said. What presents? Haa. Let’s just wait and let her have her fun. Things changed so I have to decide whether I’ll go after her again or not. , “I was expecting you would hug me and kiss me passionately again, now that we’re in this blind spot.” , This girl. Now she’s teasing me. True, if it was like back then, I would. It’s been a year. After she graduated from middle school, she disappeared. Now that I see her again, my secret desire for her that died down before somehow started burning again. As for the reason. I can only guess. She might be lying about liking me more than her ex. Maybe. , “Do you want one?” , “I want it if you take the initiative.” , “Then no. You know me.” , Haruko sighs and closes our distance. She then pulls me by my collar and sniffs my neck and my lips before licking it with her tongue. , She then circles her hands on the back of my head pulling me into a passionate kiss. Her tongue invades mine and sucks it inside her mouth. , After a minute, she pulls back from me and glares. , “What’s this? I could taste and smell at least 3 different scents of girls on you.” , Huh? What the hell? How can you be that accurate? Ah. It should be 4 if I include Akane so she’s off by one. She said at least though. , “Well, I won’t deny that.” , “Tsk. So you’re having a fill on your desire since earlier? I wonder who you got. If it’s those dating someone, aren’t you fast now? It took you one month to steal me.” , Err. You’re harder to deal with than most of them. I won’t tell her that though or she might get smug and think that’s an achievement. , “I think so too. Well, I can’t stop this desire and you know it. So are you still showing those presents or not?” , “Hug me first. At least this much, you can give me right?” , “You were not this spoiled before.” , “I’m getting back the year I lost. Ruki.” , She then giggles and opens her arms wide, waiting for my embrace. Why am I getting swept by her pace now? This girl. , I closed our distance and embraced her tight. Feeling her slender back again, it brings me back to that time I still have her as mine. , “Aahh it’s good. This is great. This is always better than me taking initiative. I miss this. I miss your hug” , Haruko embraces me back and she buries her face to my chest sniffing it like earlier. , “I really wish I know how to fix you and make you mine. But all I can do is to satisfy that desire of yours.” , “Even I don’t know how to. It’s always like this, it’s this secret desire that lets me move forward. You don’t have to concern yourself over me.” , Haruko releases herself from my hug. She then turns to that door. Taking out a key, she unlocks and opens it. , “Come inside. You’ll see.” , I followed her and arrived at the place behind the door. It’s like a small room, with a bed and a drawer at the side. There’s another door that will probably lead to the bigger part of this room that is next to the Book Club. As to whose clubroom is this that they allowed something like this to be built, I can only wait for Haruko to explain to me. ℴ𝓋.𝒸ℴ, “This is your present?” , “Huh? Of course not. Sit there and wait.” , I took a look at the bed. It’s big enough for 2 people. What the hell is she doing here? Is she bringing guys here? Did she really try to imitate me and stole guys instead? This girl. , Haruko goes to the other door. Before she opened it, she took a glance at me. , “Why are you frowning? Ah. Could it be? You thought I’m bringing guys here, right?” , “It’s not my business to meddle with what you do. After all, it’s me who cut you off.” , Haruko bursts out laughing at me. She looks like she’s really enjoying it. , “Just be honest with me again Ruki. Tell me what you thought of from seeing that bed.” , “It is as you say. Why did I even frown? I think that’s just natural for you to do. You’re not mine anymore.” , Another fit of laughter sounded from her. , “Of course not. Then it’s not a present anymore, right? Just relax. If you keep frowning I will be tempted to jump at you and ease that frown using my body.” , But I am not frowning though? Or am I? I don’t know if I am. Haa. Let’s just do what she said for now then. , The bed at least felt soft, it’s comfortable to sit at. And also to have sex on top of this. The spring underneath will help at pounding Haruko harder which she certainly likes. Ah. Wait. What am I thinking? , When the door opened again, Haruko came back with two more girls, they snuggled at each of her arms. I don’t know them and just by their looks and posture, they’re attractive at least. But are they the present she’s talking about? , “Allow me to introduce you to them, Ruki. This girl on my right is Mina and this is Hime.” , “Nice to meet you. I’m Mina. Haru’s lover.” , “The same, I’m Hime. Haru’s lover.” , Huh? Haru’s lover? , I alternated my gaze between the three of them.? The two only gave me a glance before they went back to snuggling on Haruko. , I? see. , This girl. , This is why she said she prepared presents. , She got lovers for herself instead. But it’s not boys but someone of the same sex. , And that’s why she told me she can only satisfy my desires. This girl. What idea entered her mind? , Am I supposed to steal them from her? Ah. Shit. I’m getting excited. It’s the first time to steal girls from another girl. The thought of this new sensation brought by my desire, it’s exhilarating. Ah. I’m really a slave to this desire of mine. , That’s why my desire for Haruko was also reignited. That wasn’t about her still liking her ex. What is this new sensation? Ah. She really gave me a surprise here. , “How is it Ruki?” , Haruko lifts Hime’s chin and kisses her passionately. The pleasure brought by that can be seen immediately from their faces. , “As you can see Haruko. You really gave me a surprise.” , “I knew it. Your secret desire. You’re that hard for us now. Look, girls. That’s the cock that made me this naughty. He’s the guy who changed me into becoming like this. If not for him our paths won’t probably cross.” , Haruko points at my bulge. That smile on her face is too beautiful to look at. Like she finally got the thing she wished for. I can’t deny that. My desires are filling up just by the thought of stealing them from each other. , The two look at it but they both look like they saw something horrifying thus they close their eyes. , Okay. That’s cute. I’ll work hard at having them look at it with pleasure. , “So these two, you love them and they’re head over heels for you?” , “Correct. Because of you, I can’t like any other boys now. Only you. But these girls, I love them, they made me feel loved and I’m happy, we’re all happy.” , She then starts kissing Mina. Tongue and all, it’s like they are now in their own world , This girl. She turned this strange and yes, it’s because of me. , “Come here Haruko. I want you.” , I couldn’t help but let my desires leak out. If I don’t. I might explode inside. , “Sorry Ruki, but these girls still need me. And there’s not only two of them. They’re originally 7 but 2 have already graduated so there’s 3 more you haven’t met yet.” , What the hell? So you built a harem for yourself? What did this girl do? Ah, that’s more stimulation coming from her. , “If you don’t come then I will.” , “Shouldn’t you go after them first?” , “I want my Haruko back.” , “You silly, I’m not yours anymore. Try and steal me again if you want.” , Hell. Yes, I will. I will let them watch as I steal you from them. , “This girl. You became bold now, just a year that I haven’t seen you.” , “Your fault Ruki. You cut me off. Now you have to try again.” , Haruko continued kissing the two in front of me, all the while her eyes were fixed on me, watching how I will react. She then lifted Hime’s uniform exposing her bra and the two soft mounds it’s holding. , “Aahhn. Haru, a man is watching.” , Hime moans and tries to cover her breast but Haruko’s hand is already there, caressing her soft mounds. , “Don’t worry about him. I’m letting him get jealous at us so he will come for you two.” , “Eh? Why us?” , Mina was taken aback from what Haruko said. , “Because I’m presenting you both to him.” , “D-dont joke Haru. Aahhn… don’t rub it hard… It’s you who we want, not a guy.” , Hime says in between her moans. , “But I am going to become his. He will steal me too, are you fine with it if he takes me away from you?”. , “No!” , “No!” , The two girls shout in tandem. , “Then what will you two do?” , “We will…” , “Fight! We will not let him take you! We 5 will drive him out.” , Haruko giggles at their response. , “So there you have it Ruki. What will you do now?” , “Of course, I’ll start by stealing them.” , If they’re going to be like that then better start at them. Though how should I do it? She introduced these 2 means, I can just steal them like this. But what about the other 3? , Ah. This Haruko. She’s giving me a challenge. She knew the process also fuels my desire. I really want to take her now. , “Eh?” , “What?” , The two shrunk back behind her. Afraid about what I said. , “Okay, you two. You can go back outside now. I’ll talk to him first.” , Haruko spanked them both on their butts which made them flinch. , “N-no, we won’t leave you alone with him.” , “Yes, come with us Haru.” , “Don’t worry, I love you girls. Tell that to the other 3 too, but don’t tell them about what we talked about here. Understood?” , Looking at her like this, I can see the previous Student Council President who inspires awe to everyone back then. , The two followed her instructions and left the room. Before that though, they glared at me like they’re looking at their mortal enemy. , Ah. Those two, I really want to steal them and let them watch as I do Haruko in front of them. , “Stop staring pervert. Today, I’m just introducing them to you.” , After closing the door, she immediately went to my side and rode on my lap. She intentionally sat on my hard cock and started rubbing herself on me. Her smell that I haven’t inhaled for a year further stimulated my desire. , “I know. So this is what you planned. Tell me, how did you manage to do it?” , I grabbed her fully round butt under her skirt. I pinched it hard then massaged it forcefully. , “Huauuu….Being touched by you again. And you remembered to do it hard. Ahhh… But your question, that’s a trade secret. Ruki. You have to do your best. At stealing them from me.” , “Looking at them. They’re previously introverts, aren’t they?” , I started kissing and licking her neck and sucked it hard with the intent to leave a hickey there. , “H-hey Ruki. Hauuu… Don’t leave a hickey there. People will notice. Huuaaa I miss your hands and this cock beneath me. Ahhh… Yes, they were introverts. How did you know? , “Just a guess. You’re planning to turn Rindou into one of your lovers, aren’t you?” , I spanked her butt hard which deafeningly resounded in this small room. , “Ouch! It hurts. But that felt good. Huuaaahh… You’re always like this, seeing through my plans. Yes, I planned to. But that girl, she keeps on talking about the cool guy Onoda who keeps talking to her, helping her be confident.” , Ah. That girl. I’m not cool, you know? , “So, what did you do next?” , I ask her. My hands left her butt and started to unbutton her uniform fully, exposing her pink bra holding that huge breasts. I forcibly gripped her breasts on my palms squeezing it to expose her erect nipples. , Haruko kept on moaning in pleasure. She always likes it when I do her hard, she even told me to tie her on her seat at the student council room and ** her like that before. She screamed there in pleasure not minding whether someone might hear her or not. That was an exciting experience for both of us. , “Hauuu. I knew at once. That the Onoda she’s talking about is you. So I told her to bring you here for a trial.” , As expected. It’s all her. This girl. I’ll punish you fully. That book she’s letting Rindou read. , Ah. I understand. , “That book. That’s a bait for her right?” , Exposing her nipples, I instantly put it inside my mouth grinding it with my teeth while licking the tip. , “Auuuu… You’re biting it again. Yes. She’ll finally have the courage to come out of her shell after she finished that book. I’m going to teach her a lot of things. Huaaa… More!” , Her hips started grinding faster, her love nectar had already drenched my pants long before she started. She’s already drenched before she sat on me. , “I see. I understand now. I’ll allow you. Make her one of them, have her fall for you so I can also steal her.” , Yes. Even Rindou, that girl. At the thought of stealing her. I wouldn’t pass on that. , “Idiot. She’s already head over heels for you and you haven’t noticed. But I’ll do my best if it can satisfy you.” , Haruko pushes me gently like telling me to drop my body to the bed voluntarily. And I did. I can see her face full of lust now and I can’t wait for long too. This girl, I want her. I want to steal her again. , Haruko stood up from me and started taking off my pants and underpants exposing my erect cock in front of her. She then let her skirt fall down then she took her panty off. Her drenched pussy exposes itself to me. , After all that, she climbed up on me, kissed me lustfully as she lifted her butt and held my fully erect cock up to aim it on her hole. , She started rubbing the head on her clit, stimulating it further, afterwards she put the head in at her entrance. I grabbed her butt, supporting her. I can feel the hotness of her inside just by being at the entrance. It’s too hot that you could melt from extreme pleasures brought by it , “Just so you know Ruki, this is just us greeting each other. You have to work hard at stealing me again.” , “Don’t worry. That’s what I planned to do.” , Yes. I’m going to work hard at stealing this girl again. This girl that used to be mine and every girl she has on her side. I’ll work on them too and steal them all away for myself. Ah. Just thinking about it is exciting enough. Add Rindou to it and it’ll be better. I’m looking forward to it. , Hearing my answer, Haruko’s lustful lips and tongue fell on mine again. At the same time, she slammed her butt down in one swift motion, plunging my cock completely deep inside her. , In this small room, two moans of pleasure rang out loud from our mouths. With the sounds of kisses and sucking off our tongues, we started indulging in this raging carnal desire we both have for each other. Filling up the year of our separation, we started creating more memories to reminisce from.

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